The 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of fame inductees have been announced

First-time nominees Dolly Parton and Eminem are officially in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2022.

Dolly Parton had a very memorable moment when she was initially nominated for the Hall of Fame and promised to release a Rock album if she is inducted. Now that the day has come, I have crossed every finger I’ve got that she’s not wrong.

Parton actually declined to accept the donor initially, claiming that it doesn’t make sense as she is a country artist but, looking at the actual award descriptions, it makes a lot of sense to have the Queen of Country inducted.

The performer category “honours bands and solo artists who have created music in their careers with originality, impact and influence that has changed the course of rock ‘n’ roll.”

There’s absolutely no doubt that Dolly Parton has changed the course of rock and roll.

See the full list of inductees below.

Performer Category
Pat Benatar & Neil
Duran Duran
Dolly Parton
Lionel Richie
Carly Simon

Musical Excellence Award
Judas Priest
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

Early Influence Award
Harry Belafonte
Elizabeth Cotten

Ahmet Ertegun Award
Allen Grubman
Jimmy Iovine
Sylvia Robinson