DZ Deathrays team up with Young Henrys to launch their own beer Pils N Thrills

DZ Deathrays legends Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley have joined forces with Young Henrys to launch their very own beer.

Pils N Thrills

Catch the guys pouring up frosty glasses of Pils N Thrills this weekend at Brisbane festival Blurst Of Times.

Possibly the most rock n roll named beverage to date, Pils N Thrills is a limited edition Czech pilsner with a stripped back, classic malt taste. On the brew, Parsons said “Tried home brewing, tasted like piss… tried buying beer at the pub, too expensive… brewed 86 kegs of ‘Pils n Thrills’ with Young Henrys to have beer on tap, so to speak, and we might actually pull this one off.”

Pils N Thrills will officially be launched this weekend at Brisbane’s Blurst Of Times festival, which will see Parsons and Ridley pouring up frosty glasses of the fresh brew from 5pm – 6pm at the event’s beer garden.

Check out the ridiculously sweet label for the beer below, which was designed by Jon Weber.