Arj Barker AKA Satan raises hell with DZ Deathrays in Blood On My Leather

Hot on the heels of the release of their new single Blood On My Leather, noise-rock duo DZ Deathrays have released the hell raising video for the tune, starring none other than a bong-ripping Lucifer himself.

Arj Barker

Okay, it’s not actually the Devil but comedian Arj Barker channeling the king of Hell. For those keen eyed DZ fans, you’ll know this is the second time Barker has appeared in a DZ video after the wall shattering No Sleep.

Speaking of the rowdy video the band said “It’s a classic case of a hungover DZ Deathrays wasting the day away until their sorta friend Satan rolls up and essentially forces the party and trouble on the boys, landing them in some serious shit and even worse mental states.”

It was so much fun making another clip with Arj. We have stayed in contact since our No Sleep video shoot, which made this video a day of smashing beers and catching up.”

Old mates Dune Rats make a sneaky cameo in the clip too, and you can catch them together on tour with Violent Soho in May.