Some legend converted Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl into lego form

Hope you’ve all had your fresh pots because Dave Grohl is now coming at you in another form. We’ve seen Dave happy, sad, broken legged, and even as an action figure, but now he graces us through yet another medium – Lego.

Yesterday Reddit user Wolf-Castle posted a picture of their rockin’ Dave Grohl lego mini figure, complete with a badass red axe. I think we can all agree that Dave looks pretty stoked with himself.

Dave Grohl

While the Lego treatment is usually reserved for superheroes, rockstar Dave Grohl has proved you can do the same with killer riffs, dynamite drumming skills and a rugged set of pipes.

Dave is no Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter, he’s simply kicking enough ass in real life to have strangers putting together lego figurines in his image – that’s the dream. Dave has truly achieved superstar status today.

We look forward to more Grohl-related brick creations. Get him behind a drum kit, get the rest of the Foo fighters alongside him. Lego Nirvana? Yes please.