PREMIERE: Let GHOSTGIRL disturb and mesmerise you with new video A.I (Ambient Intimacy)

Since dropping her debut single in 2011, Blue Mountains-based GHOSTGIRL has formed herself into one of the most endearing and mysterious figures in Australian music.

While she admits that she is basically unknown to Australian audiences, GHOSTGIRL has worked with a number of artists worldwide, including foreverandever (Sweden), bloodwave (Italy), and Mark Sabb (U.S), with her biggest following coming out of Europe and the US.

GHOSTGIRL’s jarring new video for her track A.I (Ambient Intimacy) is bizarre and unsettling, yet completely mesmerising.

Although the Aussie audience hasn’t yet caught on, I firmly believe they soon will. At least if they have any sense.

GHOSTGIRL writes, records, and performs all her work, though her artistic output is not limited to music, as she also works in digital art and video.

In fact, considering her synaesthesia, the visual element of her work is a huge priority. This is showcased through her glorious Cyborg Awareness website, and her latest music video.

Made in collaboration with artist Mark Sabb, the artist’s latest video for A.I (Ambient Intimacy) is full of dark, jarring ambience that will repeatedly suspend in you in space and wrench you back to earth.

The track is about “peripheral social awareness. This awareness is propagated from relatively constant contact with one’s friends and colleagues via social networking platforms on the Internet via ‘smart’ devices,” says the artist.

A.I (Ambient Intimacy) is the title track off GHOSTGIRL’s most recent EP.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above