Tyme faces off against some bad apples in Mutants

PREMIERE: Giant killer vegetables run amok in Mutants from Tyme

Motion designer by day, Melbourne’s young MC by night Tyme, also known as Conlan Normington has been working on his project since we last introduced him in 2014. His video for his single, Mutants is a piece of art in itself.

Tyme vegetable attack

Tyme faces off against a horde of vegetables in his clip for Mutants. This is one weird fruit salad that you’ll want second servings of.

Tyme himself alongside Sidekick Films directed the mostly black and white film. The MC also helped out with the design, compositing and editing – proving that he is a pretty creative and multi-talented guy. The new single features Gabriella Moxey who sounds as if she belongs to the post GMO period that the video explores. Mutants, the film is a play on words as it unveils a world in which humanity loses a fight for supremacy against an army of giant, bad-natured fruit and vegetables.

The video is not like any generic film clip made out of boredom. It is an extension of his thought driven single and every phrase spoken in the song is visually matched up in impeccable tyming. Tyme’s animated fruit are playfully inserted into sequences and give light to some of the more serious concepts he discusses.

The 50s style characters sit perfectly in their roles, even Tyme himself if mistaken for a James Dean type character, cleverly interwoven in the plot. The bold cartoons, (Killer Tomato and Cool Cucumber) are carefully contrasted against the dull representation of society and show Tyme’s light-hearted side to his already imaginative and authentic personality as an MC.

This film clip showcases Tyme’s complex and rare talent for linking ideas with images and in turn, shows that he is really an artist in more than one way. His song takes on fresh ideas and his skills in animation are an added advantage to his forward thinking in regards to modernity in a rap and design world.

If this video doesn’t teach you anything about Tyme’s distortion of reality it should teach you to respect and honour your fruit and vegetables. Or at the very least, be wary that may strike at any given moment. The production on this video also sets us up to expect big things from Tyme, composition and lyrics wise.

The track Mutants and the Ghosts EP is available for free download on his bandcamp, be sure to check it out.