Have trouble getting out of bed? Smack the sleep out of you with the Slap-happy Alarm Clock

Ever felt so groggy in the morning you’ve just needed to have the sleep slapped out of you? Well rest those arms because tech whiz Simone Giertz may have just come up with the invention of all inventions. Enter the Slap-happy Alarm Clock.

Slap-happy Alarm Clock

Need a slap in the face to get you up in the morning? One Swedish inventor has used cutting edge basic science to turn anyone into a morning person; the Slap-happy Alarm Clock

The young Swedish inventor said she basically “Picked apart an alarm clock, wired it to an arduino UNO and controlled a 165 rpm brushless DC motor through relate.” So to put it in English: she built a clock which slaps you in the face with a rubber arm to wake you up. This new gadget has been getting wide attention online, with her YouTube tutorial on its construction getting 40, 000 hits in one day!

This isn’t the first time humankind have tried to revolutionise how we drag ourselves out of bed. Don’t fancy getting physically abused first thing in the morning? There is also the Bacon Alarm Clock. If there is anything that can get you out of bed faster than you can say “hash browns” it’s the sweet, sweet aroma of a fry up. Its programmed to start cooking your rasher at an appropriate time so that you wake up to the delicious scent of bacon.


We’re all guilty of pressing the snooze button at least once before getting up. You won’t be doing that again with the water spray alarm clock. This nifty gadget will spray a jet of water on you if you don’t exit the bed. So it’s either five minutes more sleep or a soaked mattress. Then there is the carpet alarm clock. Placed at the base of your bed this clock literally won’t shut up till you stand up on it. What’s to stop you getting back into bed afterwards?

The latest invention is Clocky, a sneaky guy who is wired to jump of your night stand and wheel around the room, forcing you to get out of bed to catch it. I guess that kills two birds with one stone as you wake up and get a morning jog in before work.

If none of these get you off the pillow there is always the cruelest one of all. The Blank-o-matic: a device which snatches the warm sheets of your back. If that won’t get you up, I don’t know what will.