Tyme boldly blends hip-hop and jazz on Ghosts

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These days everyone can suffer from not having enough time. With this in mind, everyone should allocate the time to listen to Tyme, especially if you are a fan of Jazz, Hip-hop and Rap. A local Melbourne artist, Tyme describes himself as ‘specialty rap’ and nothing like you would expect from a daytime motion designer. Tyme actually sounds different, and different because it involves instruments typically abandoned from most hip-hop production.


Melbourne’s MC Tyme has set his sights on some ambitious hip-hop, and he is not letting up for a second*.

Tyme’s detailed life stories are presented through intricate and elevated raps and his sound is delivered through a new style of bedroom hip-hop. It’s brilliant and strange at the same time. He confesses that he has an obscure take on life. He makes the most of a variety of instruments to develop a unique multi-genre mash up.

At fourteen years old, Tyme followed his own path in music and took to writing words on paper documenting work and working on his rap career coupling an admiration and love for the syncopation within jazz music, golden age boom bap and electronica. This can partially explain the reason he blends a variety of instrumental arrangements, which is usually absent in Australian hip-hop.

The main samples I use come from buying a lot of records, mostly in the $1-5 bins” he explains, “Which gives you a warmth and texture for free that would be way beyond my abilities to try and replicate. These samples are combined with some live saxophone and double bass, assorted field recordings from around the house and random samples from the internet.”

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The Screen was his first release, a collective and organic selection of songs that work together to make a contemplative body of work. Jazz is very much an integral part of his sound. With saxophone and raw MC-based production mirroring the obscurity and individuality of his ideas and thoughts. A melodic sound stands as his focus point for Tyme.

Ghosts titles Tyme’s latest project that is a modern yet timeless package of work. This time around, Tyme is showing maturity and more instrumental progression. With smooth hooks and subtle percussion, Ghosts discusses everyday life struggles from caffeine addiction to failing at university; probably a good album to listen to on the way to a tutorial. On recording the vocals Tyme recounts “The vocals on the EP were recorded between two mattresses with a sleeping bag over the top. All held together with sticky tape“.

Gabriella Moxey features on three of the songs. For Mutants, Gabriella recorded 46 different takes and versions in one session so that each chorus could be a unique army of Gabriella’s singing. She lends soft and complimentary sounds to his lyrically, instrumentally and vocally dense tracks. Colan reflects on the progress, “On the Ghosts EP, Hamish Mitchell from I’lls, took my textures and beats and really pushed the sound to new dimensions”.

Tyme has a new EP dropping really soon, so watch this space for all the latest from this promising young MC.

*Ed: It’s time you stop trying for puns in bylines.

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