PREMIERE: Giddens The Expat unveils new video for ‘(4th Floor) Bellevue’

We’ve already established the fact that Giddens The Expat is a brilliant musical storyteller. His songs all hold strong narratives at their core; narratives that speak on some kind of deeper level. Last week, when we first wrapped our ears around his new track (4th Floor) Bellevue, this was made immediately clear.

Now, Giddens has dropped a new music video for that same track, further developing the storytelling layers within the track. If you’re not already familiar with this artist, now’s definitely the time you changed that.

Giddens The Expat has shared a new video for his track (4th Floor) Bellevue, further building his storytelling techniques.

Shot by Alex Hall, the new clip perfectly aligns with the track’s meditative and reflective energy. With stunning videography, this is the kind of video you’ll be transfixed by from start to finish. Shot across two locations; a four-story Berlin house and abandoned red army tank base just outside of Berlin.

But the filming wasn’t without its hiccups. “There was the incident with us being locked in with our cars because someone had left a rental in front of the only entrance to the site,” Giddens shares. “Yikes, we thought we’d have to spend the night. Luckily we reached someone at the rental office.”

Although the video is without dialogue, each character speaks volumes with their facial expressions. A silent story unfolds, and viewers are welcomed inside.

Check out the new video above.