PREMIERE: Enter the surreal, unsettling world of Glutz’s new video for Just Music

Having spent the past number of years cutting her teeth on the Melbourne music circuit alongside such acts as Spencer P. Jones and Dan Brodie, singer-songwriter Glutz (real name Katie Harris) crafts dark and sprawling, post-apocalyptic pop music with a depth seldom found in music nowadays.

Harris creates surreal mini-universes within each of her songs. They spread themselves around you, blanketing your psyche. Now, with the release of her new video for Just Music, she continues to build upon her borderless sounds. It should go without saying that we’re stoked to be premiering it for you today.

On her eerie new video for Just Music, Melbourne based singer-songwriter Glutz crafts an immersive and unsettling slice of post-apocalyptic pop.

The new single sees Glutz float through a hallucinatory and unnerving blend of post-rock, psychedelia, shoegaze and pop to create a sound uniquely her own. With dreamy vocal melodies and woozy, hypnotic instrumentation, Just Music will float around your head, before landing firmly in the marrow of your bones.

Just Music’s new video is the perfect visual accompaniment. Weighed down by an eerie layer of fog, the video feels like some twisted dream. The video was filmed largely after midnight when Harris and her brother noticed the floodlights had been left on at the local athletics field.

There’d been a murder on a sports oval that week, so we wondered if lights were being left on around Melbourne to make people feel safer,” she says of the video.

We had the sense that they could be shut off at any minute… so we quickly ran around with the camera and played the song through a phone in my pocket… it was four degrees and my brother was wearing shorts, but we didn’t want to miss it.”

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.