PREMIERE: Hana Rosé reminds us to love thyself with new single

Hana Rosé is back with perhaps her most important track to date – Me, Myself and I.

Redelivering the succulent RnB beats and vocals that have come to define the Rosé sound, the Melbourne-based singer returns with the ultimate self-love anthem.

Hana Rose

Hana Rosé realises the full potential of her diverse vocal range by dressing the track with layers of smooth, resonating harmonies which drip with feelings of inner peace; a subject which her work continues to explore.

It’s a chill but funky track. Something you could see yourself singing along to shamelessly in an Uber with the girls on the way to a night out on the town – or just as suitably bumping on a fat sound system somewhere along Chapel street. Me, Myself and I is a catchy tune but somehow never gets tiresome to listen to perhaps because of its infectious rhythm which bounces beautifully along to Rosé’s warm vocals.

Sourcing inspiration from Beyonce’s 2003 track of the same name, Rosé seeks to move away from her focus on purely danceable music, to something that promotes and empowers self-care, love, and respect to those who need it most. Me, Myself and I is the precipice of Rosé’s journey to self-empowerment and unforgiving, raw feminine pride.  It’s a song of self-forgiveness, renewal and undeniable truths, as one lyric states “I couldn’t be a butterfly without being a caterpillar first.”

For fans of the vocal styles of Erykah Badu, Missy Elliot or Lauryn Hill, Me Myself and I is certainly a track not to walk past. The high-quality production value does just the trick for Rosé’s mastery of RnB singing, as she continues to carve out her deserved spot in Australia’s own RnB / hip-hop scene.

Me, Myself and I is the second single release of her upcoming debut album which is set to launch on October 25th. If the album is anything like the single, you’d be a fool not to follow it up.

Give the single a listen here: