PREMIERE: Harnessing feminist vitriol and one of the best new drummers in punk, Glitoris are crashing into the scene harder than the Kool-Aid man

Glitoris is a four-piece punk rock outfit straight outta our nation’s capital. Their feeling is strong, secure and statement-driven, and their look is exactly the injection of ‘who gives a fuck?’ femininity the music industry is yearning for.

While they’re certainly treading a political space with their identity, it doesn’t mean these Canberra-based rock goddesses don’t know their way around a head-banging bassline and a cathartic drum solo.


Unafraid of being un-ladylike and steaming with glorious feminist rage, Glitoris are the latest players in the mighty Australian punk scene.

Their debut E.P The Disgrace is a four-track collision of roaring vocals paired with monster drumming, strong, screachy guitars and lyrics you just want to scream along to.

Thematically dealing with gender, empowerment and patriarchy with out-there and unrestrained lyricism, the raw sentiment of this EP is sure to strike a chord, positive or otherwise, with anyone it touches.

The second single, which lends its name to the E.P, is anthemic in delivery. With lyrics repeatedly pounded out by multiple vocalists, it’s the type of tune you’ll find yourself audibly chanting along with like you were reciting a religious mantra.

Off With Their Head offers listeners a real glimpse at the staggering skills of Glitoris’ drummer. The track starts off heavy and just continues to build and build into an inevitable explosion of feminist might.

There’s some obvious influences, the strength of Peaches and the sound of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are mixed with the political envelope pushing and impactful feminist oomph of Pussy Riot.

The overall noise of Glitoris would be as completely at home blasting through your bedrooms walls out of a Yamaha boombox in 1996 as it is on-stage in 2016, the absolute finest in repressed, angsty rage.

In a climate where music often forays into the strange and unnecessary – focusing on the same materialistic, vanity-driven messages we’re becoming all too accustomed to, these fired-up rockers are pushing the issue, asking legitimate questions of society and making us all understand and rage against why things are the way they are for women.

Music is a tried and tested mechanic for societal change, and Glitoris is harnessing their vitriol for the good of chicks everywhere… they have the right idea.

If fierce feminist punk rock is something you’d like to sink your teeth into, look no further than these local ladies, who will knock your proverbial socks off with their honest and rage-laden The Disgrace EP, due out this November via Buttercup Records.