PREMIERE: Hyla control chaos like absolute shoegaze masters on Chaos For You

Everyone has experienced a moment when they feel as if they’re standing still but life is moving full speed behind them. Their lives are chaotic but their mind is peacefully at ease in that moment. The boys Alex, Rob, Mike and Darren of Hyla have created an entrancing number that casts a listener under a spell while the rest of the world keeps spinning.

Their latest single Chaos For You is anything but chaotic, but there is an enticing element to the song that we surprisingly enjoy. The lads with this track give a confident and solid reminder that Perth always has the goods, the tunes and the vibes.


Hyla deliver a new fresh tune in Chaos For You, a mellow entrancing slice of shoegaze heaven, proving once again that Perth always has the tunes and the vibes.

The Perthian boys have channeled the shoegaze sounds of bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain, to create their own alluring sound. The band’s debut “doubt A-side” caused quite a stir, and as a result than band has received triple J airplay as well as popularity overseas. The guys released their second EP Fever Calls Late in July 2015 and are hoping to release their debut album sometime this year.

Their newest cut Chaos For You has us in a trance. It’s one of those songs that you’ll enjoy but you don’t quite know why. For a song that is anti-climatic, the distance and blurriness in the vocals and the soothing beat of guitar creates a hypnotic atmosphere. The eerie tune is slow, but in no way boring. It has an element of mystery created by lack of clarity in the vocals and repetition in the music. The opening sounds like an electrical pulse really setting the scene of the unknown, followed by a certain airiness and delicacy.

It’s hard to distinguish between chorus and verse, almost as if there is none and the song is one continuous string of music. The only parts we can be sure of are the beginning and the end because the tension in the music rises and the sounds change. The song doesn’t move you anywhere but it manages to take you on a journey, however you only realise this once it has ended and you’ve snapped back into reality. It leaves you charmed, urging you to press play again.

Chaos For You is an easy listening piece with a mind-altering vibe that rattles brain and spikes interest simultaneously in a way that can only be described as bewildering.