PREMIERE: Jane McArthur's new video for Story Thieves is visceral and captivating -

PREMIERE: Jane McArthur’s new video for Story Thieves is visceral and captivating

We are nothing more than the stories we tell ourselves of where we have come from, who we have been and the future we are striving for,” Jane McArthur says of her new track Story Thieves. 

And it’s true, though of course – like most things in this age of ours – stories are corrupted by exterior forces.

Story Thieves, the stirring new track from singer-songwriter Jane McArthur, will urge you to hold on to your unique, authentic voice.

Story Thieves is about fending off these forces, and maintaining an authenticity and honesty to your own voice.

The track is endearingly raw and earthy, and through its simplicity, McArthur has crafted something visceral and incredibly captivating.

With an inspired vocal performance and a stunning string arrangement, Story Thieves will stir within your body.

The song’s accompanying music video was filmed in the middle of the Tasmanian wilderness, all the way out at the Jerusalem National Park, with the intention of capturing an ancient landscape – evoking the audiences sense of true nature.

Everywhere you turn your head, someone is trying to sell you something; make you buy something – whether it be a product with a planned obsolescence, or a lie – trying to seduce you, convince you or scare you into taking on their story as your own,” McArthur expands.

But as the song passionately ends: “Don’t listen to the lie you say.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.