PREMIERE: Mannequin Death Squad drink blood and take names in new clip Honey Punch

Unapologetic scuzz punkers Mannequin Death Squad have given birth to a new musical baby. It’s loud, it’s drenched in pink and it’s called Honey Punch.

The clip sees Dan and El become school kids in rebellion as they thrash on guitars, beat up their kit and swap instruments – all while dressed in proper uniform. They also get drenched in honey and drink blood out of mason jars, because that’s what school kids do.

mannequin death squad honey punch

Mannequin Death Squad are angry adolescents again, thrashing around an acid-pink classroom for their hectic new clip Honey Punch.

“Honey Punch came about just before we left for our second tour of the UK. We realised very quickly and sheepishly that we had no new songs since the first tour.  It ended up being a blessing because we had a crazy creative burst and came up with Honey Punch and most of the songs on our upcoming EP.”

Honey Punch shows the band’s love of pop, but still maintains their raw, edgy punk sound from when they started making music.

“We wanted Honey Punch to be the first single because it feels like a solid ice breaker. Having not released music for over two years, it’s a good stepping stone from what we were writing back then to now.”

The video was filmed in one day and produced by the band with help from “friend and cinematographer Tim Bushell.”

“The school uniforms we wear in the clip come from a show that we did on Halloween last year when we decided to play in costume and they kinda stuck with us. Maybe there’s a little bit of a nod to Chrissie Amphlett (Divinyls) and Angus Young (AC/DC) in the school uniform idea too.”


Honey Punch is out now on all streaming platforms.