PREMIERE: Need a good training montage song? You’ve got it with Good Counsel’s Now I’ve Fallen

As the feeling of an early sunset lasting for an eternity sets in, we may be prone to bemoaning the falling of the leaves. But as Good Counsel make it clear, change is inevitable and one we have to accept.

Now I've Fallen

Every hero has to go through the wringer before they can stand victorious, and Good Counsel have the perfect tune for such a moment with Now I’ve Fallen.

Now I’ve Fallen is the new single from the band and they don’t fail to impress. It offers hints of 80s nostalgia brought to life with some very slick production to create a song that is slow yet powerful, laid back but still strong. You can imagine this song playing the moment a film’s hero needs to go through their epic training montage. The track is a force to be reckoned with, maintaining a hefty presence courtesy of the commanding vocals and guitar lines.

This is a track for the car, whether with friends or reflecting on life while staring at a long road. The band displayed their tenancy for dramatic songwriting with their previous single Mary, and it’s something they carry over to Now I’ve Fallen. The vocals are impassioned and play up the sense of drama that resides in the lyrics. It’s appropriate that the single has come as the leaves have begun to change, it’s themes are swamped with ideas of mortality, change and rebirth.

Professionalism is an admired trait in a band, and that’s something Good Counsel have in abundance. Thomas Keating, Mitchell Crum, Aidan Gasper and David Pearce make up the group and Now I’ve Fallen was recorded at Everland Studios. Six tracks were recorded and mixed in seven days, and the sound of Now I’ve Fallen is one of hard work in in and out of the studio. As a taste of that upcoming six-track, Now I’ve Fallen does a nice job of whetting our appetites for the main course that is to come.

Good Counsel will be on tour the March, with gigs at the Vanguard in Newtown on 24th, The Lass O’Gowrie in Newcastle on 26th and at the Northcote Social Club on 28th. It’s time to celebrate the change of season, to remember the days of yesterday with Good Counsel, to take in the stories of their music and immerse yourself in them. So be sure to head down to a show and soak in all they have to offer.