Otis Thomas serves up a slice of sun-soaked Australiana on his new single

PREMIERE: Otis Thomas serves up a slice of sun-soaked Australiana on his new single

If you haven’t wrapped your ears around the sounds of Otis Thomas yet, you’ve been missing out. His music taps into the transportive sounds of ambient, folk, yacht rock, and exotica, coming together to form his own unique brand of shimmery, DIY Australiana that will transport you to a blissful, sun-soaked daydream.

The Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist showcases his signature dreamy soundscapes on his new single Neck Of The Woods, the first track off his forthcoming EP Grass Ticks.

Otis Thomas explores dreamy, sun-dappled soundscapes on his new single Neck Of The Woods, from his forthcoming EP Grass Ticks.

Otis explores a sun-dappled aesthetic on  Neck Of The Woods, with echoing jangly chords, drifting notes, and smooth melodies, it’ll whisk you away into a blissful reverie. It’s a sun-soaked slice of Australiana that demonstrates his intriguing lyricism, with pronounced Australian spoken word that is both honest and poetic.

Otis has a wholesome ability to recap a real-life situation and turn it into music that transcends the everyday. This track is  “about getting brain fog and paranoia on a night out when someone’s attempting small talk,” but the vibe is the antithesis of paranoia, it’s laidback and ultimately captivating.

Neck Of The Woods is not only lyrically expressive, but there’s a wistful nostalgia that will get you caught up in an entrancing world. It feels like a hazy memory of an Australian hot summer, the smell of the ocean, and the feeling of sand between your toes. There’s something about the tantalising layers of sound that make this track feel like home.

Otis Thomas has swiftly amassed a reputation as one of the most beguiling songwriters in the Sydney music scene and it shows with every new release. With his forthcoming EP well and truly underway, it won’t be long until we get to feast our ears on more of his silky sonic treats. Until then, do yourself a favour and check out his latest single above.