Brisbane’s Later Daze release second single with Rebel Dive

Alternative quintet Later Daze drop their first track of the year with rambunctious ‘Rebel Dive,’ a slice of Australian indie music

The overwhelming trend in the Australian music scene currently leans toward a mix of pure Australiana, surf rock and guitar driven indie. Later Daze combine the latter two and capitalise on the sonic footsteps left by the likes of Spacey Jane.

‘Rebel Dive’ is the second single from the band, formed only last year during high school. This youthful energy is apparent, as well as a specific brand of determination that can only be possessed by the young.

Later Daze happy mag review

‘Rebel Dive’ is catchy, a commanding, raspy vocal that details a head full of angst. Clever lyricism and interesting melodic choices that eventually becoming the palatable “gotta get away,” chorus plea.

A mix of fuzz and clean tones, jangly drums and percussion and a cohesive sound that is surprising for a band only just getting to their feet.

The bridge is leaking with tension, a little reminiscent of Catfish and The Bottlemen. ‘Rebel Dive’ is quick, straight to the point though without sacrificing a little scene setting.

A track that would slot in nicely between Beddy Rays and Pacific Avenue, Later Daze are channeling their contemporaries to a tee.

It’s impressive to see how Later Daze have come out swinging, matching the energy of an ever-changing scene with their unbridled energy and honest yet broadly applicable storytelling.

Undeniably millennial – complete with references to the ‘gram’ – this is the kind of track that high schoolers everywhere would die for.

Perhaps it’s just down to the joy of creating, but Later Daze have a confidence that seeps into every moment of ‘Rebel Dive.’

It sounds like they’ve been doing this forever, studying their favourites to compile their own version of what makes them tick.

‘Rebel Dive’ feels like it would be a killer live moment, especially if the group can bring the same energy they bring to the studio to the stage.

Listen to ‘Rebel Dive’ and more of Later Daze below.