Music saved his life, now he’s returning the favour; meet Dylan Arnold

Hailing from Utah, Dylan Arnold knows the power of music intimately. His new single is an ode to the country music that kept him afloat

Growing up with his ear tuned to 90s country, Dylan Arnold fell in love with the sound of a decade. After a bleak period left Arnold questioning his existence, the meeting of some musicians at the right time was able to plant a seed that allowed him to grow out of the darkness.

Arnold brings this life experience and subsequent inspiration into his music, with a sole effort of reaching the one person who may just need to hear it.


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‘Billion Dollar View’ is his second release, a song about a location in Northern Utah where the road cuts through a canyon.

A little hideaway exists on the outskirts, a place for locals to escape when the city lights illuminate the valley.

This specificity is a hallmark of country music, and aims to resonate not just with those intimately familiar.

‘Billion Dollar View’ sets the backdrop for listeners to paint their own specific experience onto.

The track itself is upbeat, colourful and nostalgic. Arnold’s twang is effortless, the same can be said for his lyricism and melodic choices.

This is clearly a man who knows his country music, and he knows how to write a great hook. ‘Billion Dollar View’ is a smile personified in song form, impossible not to respond to.

Arnold’s passion is tangible through each acoustic guitar hook and shaker, the formula for writing catchy, heartwarming country clearly something innate in his bones.

‘Billion Dollar View’ is a sunset party, a group of old friends swinging their legs off tailgates and pouring back a beer until they get up the courage to dance.

Dylan taps into something real and full of feeling. For a musician only just finding his feet, it seems he has been treading this path all along, whether he knew it or not.

‘Billion Dollar View’ is the beginning of something special for Dylan Arnold.

Listen to ‘Billion Dollar View’ and more from Dylan Arnold below.