Cholson releases debut single ‘Truck N Boots’ – a gem radiating with country charm

With country music on the rise again, Australia’s Cholson launches his career with his humble debut single ‘Truck N Boots’

Drawing inspiration from hall of famers such as Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton, and the more contemporary fixations like Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen, Cholson tunes into a sound that resonates with the world over.

‘Truck N Boots’ introduces his husky tone and unpretentious songwriting, his influences as clear as his love of the genre.

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The lonesome cowboy, Cholson laments his desire to return to his partner, dog and hometown. Decorated with harmonica and slide guitars,’Truck N Boots’ is full of melancholy and regret, two familiar themes of the more acoustic driven country folk.

With Texas’s Dylan Gossett drawing millions of listeners to his stripped back Coal, Cholson is entering an industry that has its ears tuned to twang.

Country songs famously only require two things; three chords and the truth. Cholson follows the rules, though with a little more flare around the edges.

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He sets a dusty, barren scene of longing and loneliness during his time away spent working, and the demands that befall him.

The specificity of fly in, fly out work makes ‘Truck N Boots’ directly applicable to many, a soundtrack for those hard weeks spent far from home.

Cholson’s vocal tone is rough and ragged, though melodic and gentle when required.

He perfectly depicts his situation, his yearning tangible through the wailing harmonica and textured harmonies.

Richness coats his delicate guitar playing, a sharp quality to the sound of the rusted strings.

‘Truck N Boots’ is a strong introduction to the kind of music Cholson is drawn to make.

He balances the modern with the classic and chooses his own path forward, relying on each only as much as necessary.

Cholson offers a soundtrack to the hardest nights away, a message for all his fellow workers that their experience is his, too.

Strong yet vulnerable, Truck N Boots is a more than promising start for this Australian country singer.

Listen to ‘Truck N Boots’  below.