PREMIERE: Ready for some freakiness? Go Fever get feverish in their nightmare new clip Folk Zero

If you were kicking around the Sydney scene a few years back, you may remember the name Acey Monaro. The budding songwriter earned a bit of a name for herself walking the line on the local gigs… that was before she jetted off to Austin, Texas for love.

After a solo EP,  Monaro joined forces with some of the city’s best, now calling herself the frontwoman of US outfit Go Fever. Just over a month back, that band put a self-titled LP amongst their credentials.

Folk Zero is one track from that glittering debut, a song which showcases Go Fever’s pop rock kit in full force.

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Like a halloween fright night gone wrong, Go Fever’s clip for Folk Zero is weird, wonderful and trippy as all hell.

The clip sees Monaro rob a convenience store of a six-pack and sunnies after lighting up a bowl. If that wasn’t a strong enough starting gun, her driver’s seat drinking session should do it.

As the delusions kick in, you’ll witness a brief encounter with a superhero and a street fight with a black-garbed mirror image of herself.

As Monaro knocks back each new Lone Star, she battles the hallucinogenic evil twin with rising zealousness, eventually landing the coup de grace with a bottle of spirits.

Battling your demons is far from a new theme in the world of music, yet Go Fever manage to present it with their own cheesy spin. Stylish, trippy and self-aware, the clip is the perfect backdrop to Monaro’s rising, dramatic melodies.

The track itself climbs with the clip, ascending into a greater madness at it’s peak, a heightened contrast to the song’s softer moments. Like Monaro and her darkened twin, each end of the Folk Zero spectrum stands loud and defiant, yet it’s her brightest moments which close the track.

After less than a year together, Go Fever have cemented themselves as an act to watch. A single album earned them the honour of an SXSW Showcase artist, and the love for Go Fever (the album) has been pouring in since.

Keep your ears to the ground, Monaro and the crew will be hitting the Aussie east coast late this year. Jump on their Facebook page to stay updated.