PREMIERE: Richard In Your Mind’s new clip I Hope You Weren’t Waiting Long is technicolour bliss

Up until last month, it had been a few years since we’d heard from Sydney psych-pop outfit Richard In Your Mind. Now we think we might know why.

It’s not easy trying to keep in touch when you’ve been on a journey through the cosmos, bending the spacetime continuum – which is evidently exactly what RIYM have been doing based on the sounds of their new single, aptly titled I Hope You Weren’t Waiting Long.

richard in your mind I hope you weren't waiting long SPOD

The latest track from Richard In Your Mind feels like an antidote to reality, like throwing a stone into a neon lake and watching the distorted ripples dance away.

A band that have reeled in their followers through quirky grooves and psychedelic lashings, RIYM have a knack for gliding through the musical abyss with a lax intrigue and smooth authenticity that’s hard to match.

This silky gem is the second single lifted off their upcoming album Super Love Brain which will be coming out later next month.

The video for this single was conjured up by the infamous SPOD, who took this track for a ride with his trademark visual peculiarity. The aesthetic was inspired by one of two things; an innate fantasy for pushing over a shelf full of paint just to see all the damn colours – or a vision induced by the last time SPOD licked a cane toad. Regardless, the visuals are truly mesmerising.

“Choosing SPOD to do a RIYM video is a no brainer. He’s the best”, the band shared.

“SPOD has created a magical masterpiece perfectly capturing the dream like quality of RIYM’s latest song. The intimate flow between the cascading images and the music show why SPOD is one of Australia’s finest video artists.”

So revel in the lush glory of I Hope You Weren’t Waiting Long and make sure you catch Richard In Your Mind for free on Sunday September 3rd at The Union Hotel as a part of King Street Crawl. More info here.


Super Love Brain is out September 21 via Rice Is Nice Records.