PREMIERE: Lose yourself in the lush sounds of Heroarky’s new EP HIKARI

When he dropped his debut EP VO/CE last July, we were immediately introduced to the stunning sounds of Sydney producer Heroarky. His music wraps itself around you and leaves you in a strange hallucinatory state.

It’s a wonderful feeling of disorientation, and one you’ll quickly become addicted to. Now, the artist has shared his brand new EP HIKARI, and once again we’re blown away by his incredibly intricate and textured production.

HIKARI, the boundless and captivating new EP from Sydney producer Heroarky, will leave you in a inescapable state of hallucinatory bliss.

On the new EP, Heroarky navigates a captivating blend of jazz, ambient, and electronica to craft a unique, experimental sound that belongs entirely to himself.

The EP’s opening track, also titled Hikari, eases the EP into existence with infectious, jazzy percussion and airy piano lines.

Throughout the duration of these four new tracks, you’ll find yourself in a complete state of bliss as Heroarky’s dream-like soundscapes sprawl out across your psyche.

HIKARI is set to be released on a limited run of cassettes, so make sure you order one before they’re all gone. Pre-orders available here.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.