Nicky Rogalsky navigates heart-wrenching honesty on Obsession

Nicky Rogalsky’s music holds an incredibly endearing quality it takes most songwriters years to develop. The Melbourne singer-songwriter ropes you in with her lyrical ruminations and maintains your undivided attention for as long as you let her.

The latest instalment of her increasingly impressive discography, Obsession, furthers the artists penchant for crafting delicate and captivating indie-pop tunes.

Obsession, the endearingly honest new track from Melbourne singer-songwriter Nicky Rogalsky, is the kind of song that sits in the bottom of your heart for weeks.

Written about an outsider’s take on a toxic relationship, the new song sees Rogalsky navigate a unique blend indie-rock, folk, and pop to craft a sound that belongs entirely to herself.

Each line of the track is delivered with a heart-wrenching honesty that’s virtually impossible to tear your attention away from.

I write the truth, my songs reflect my feelings,” she says of her music. On Obsession, the songwriter sticks true to this mission statement with her introspective lyricism.

The track’s accompanying video flaunts some stunning videography, as Rogalsky performs her captivating sounds in various picturesque scenes.

Obsession is the follow-up single Find Me, released earlier this year. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait long to hear more from this Melbourne artist.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.