PREMIERE: See the future with White Bleaches and Psychic Visions

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The new generation of psychedelic rock is out in full force. You can’t deny it, and whether or not you feel the term ‘psychedelic’ is applied to bands far too liberally these days the genre has really come into it’s own. Spearheaded by Tame Impala and succeeded by the likes of Pond and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (whom henceforth shall be known as the Big Three) psych rock in Australia is spawning more bands than we can keep an eye on, each of them offering their own unique and awesome take on the genre. One of the latest bands to throw their hat in the ring is White Bleaches, and boy, they make an impression.

White Bleaches

The new generation of Aussie psych rock is here, and none more so than White Bleaches and Psychic Visions, the band nailing their psych/ garage sound.

Made up of Anthony Lacarruba, Tyler Slaven, Hugh Warner and Todd Cousens the Melbourne outfit came into being early this year and have wasted no time crafting some quality tunes. White Bleaches have their head on straight (an ironic image for a ‘psych’ band, I know) and are pumping out some damn good rock tunes, drenched in the qualities that have made psych rock so popular these last few years. There is also a distinct garage element to their sound which gives them a hell of an edge.

Today the band are premiering their new track Psychic Visions, and even though it’s the second track the band has released it oozes with confidence and ambition. Upon first hearing the track you’d think this was a band who already had a few songs under their belt to get their songwriting to this level, which makes Psychic Visions all the more impressive.

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It helps that King Gizz’s Stu Mackenzie mixed the track, anyone who is familiar with his work knows how well he plays different sounds off each other to make a leviathan of a track. In fact, Psychic Visions was recorded in Mackenzie’s makeshift studio, and by studio we mean a shipping container. Props also to Dan Whitby who mastered the track. The quality is fantastic, he manages to keep things crisp and clear without losing the fuzzy garage feel.

The standard psych tropes are there; the drowned out vocals and guitars soaked in reverb. It’s the garage elements that really bring the track home. The band don’t seem the type to get too zany and explore the more whimsical elements of psych rock, so the garage edge that gives the song plenty of grunt. It all comes to a head in the bridge; the first solo is a sun kissed surf rock inspired number before the switch is flipped and we have a more aggressive, sludgy one take it’s place before the track melts away.

White Bleaches have scored a home run on Psychic Visions and we can’t wait to see what they give us next.

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