PREMIERE: Are you a naughty lad? Slim Jeffries celebrate your chaotic lifestyle on Bad Behaviour

Slim Jeffries have just pulled out a track with everything a no-good, punk loving hedonist could ever ask forBad Behaviour is a national anthem for walking against the grain, for following your own set of rules and not apologising once for doing it.

So if you’re the kinda guy or gal who consistently finds yourself neck deep in a Portaloo or twelve deep into a case of beer (or both), I have an inkling you’ll feel pretty at home with this one.

slim jeffries bad behaviour happy mag premiere

Hard, fast and messy, Bad Behaviour by Slim Jeffries is a rebel yell of punk disobedience, cranked into life through a few really fucking loud instruments.

Right from the get-go, Bad Behaviour is a track which hits like a sucker punch. Out of nowhere that whirlpool guitar hook strikes you, sucking you in like a powerful magnet.

Brimming with a healthy dose of self-depreciating introspection and a few well-placed jabs at the darker points of modern society, you shouldn’t be crossing this one off as another beer and durries, nang corner banger. True punkiness needs attitude and an opinion, which Slim Jeffries have never failed on delivering.

Boasting a few more members than your average punk junkies, this track sees some pretty clean guitar interjections and one spacious, droning synth alarm added to the mix. Both inspire a fervid chaos in the track’s underbelly… I’m scared to think what this could do to a live audience.

The track hits its burning peak in the bridge with a Rage Against the Machine worthy breakdown. If you’re not inspired to break something after that phaser-riffic crescendo, there’s something wrong with you.

It’s also where you’ll hear the line which best describes the sentiment of Bad Behaviour:


The first track off an upcoming mini EP slotted for this year, Bad Behaviour saw Slim Jeffries return to their DIY stylings. Every new cut has been recorded and produced by the six-piece themselves.

A mini EP deserves a mini tour, so these lads will be hitting the road to celebrate. Catch the full run of dates below. Bring a smile, and don’t forget to wear a belt.

Saturday 20 May – The Metro, Adelaide
Thursday 1 June – The Old Bar, Melbourne
Friday 2 June – Transit Bar, Canberra
Saturday 3 June – Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar), Sydney