PREMIERE: Shit Narnia push poetic punk to it’s limit with Spank Rock Tour Diary 2015

The Aussie punk-rock scene is ripe with fresh talent at the moment and these legends are certainly no exception. Hailing all the way from Perth, this four piece are gracing the east coast for the second time, playing dates across Sydney and Melbourne over the next week. Their name? Shit Narnia.

The tour dates complement the release of their new single, Spank Rock Tour Diary 2015. A track which has been a labour of love for the Perth rockers sees the group finally touch on a sound which perfectly combines frontman Hugh’s poetic lyrical style with the group’s intricate, frenetic and energetic instrumentation.

shit narnia spank rock tour diary 2015

With strong, screeching vocals in a thick Australian accent, booming guitar work and thrashing percussion, Spank Rock Tour Diary 2015 typifies Shit Narnia’s undeniably Aussie garage sound.

Down to a tee, the track sounds like the best garage jam session you’ve ever heard.

The single makes up part of their third release, following on from S/T EP and Welcome to New LA and is a welcome throwback to the emo and math rock sound of the 90’s.

The handy guitar work of Sam comes to the forefront of the track around a quarter way in, as we take a break from the vocals and are left which some fast-paced fret work, which skilfully and frantically sums up the overall vibe of the tune.

The pace of the track slows briefly towards the end of the song as we get a closer glimpse at the poetic and meaningful lyrics before having the carpet well and truly pulled out from under us as full blown head-thrashing, string-breaking madness is unleashed upon our eardrums.

At just over two minutes this track is beautiful sensory invasion, just as you begin to get comfortable with how it sounds, the direction abruptly changes. There will be no better way to listen to it than live, fully immersing yourself in the scummy, sweaty, loud and inescapable Aussie garage magic.

Shit Narnia will be hitting venues across Sydney and Melbourne, see below for dates and get along to a venue near you for some headbanging insanity.

Thurs 19 Jan – Vic on the Park, Sydney
Friday 20 Jan – Petersham Bowls Club, Sydney
Saturday 21 Jan – Hive Minds Houseparty, Melbourne
Sunday 22 Jan – Hownowmer Residency, Tote Front Bar, Melbourne