PREMIERE: Spend the night in with Cardboard, a lovely new track from Yon Yonson

Sydney trio Yon Yonson have unveiled Cardboard, their first new track in eight months and a first taste of their upcoming EP Fermented Fruit – out nice and soon on September 7th.

A new Yon Yonson track is always a good time (even if it makes you wanna cry a little), and the latest is no exception. Cardboard is smooth and whimsical, a tune for those of us who can’t say no to a night in.

yon yonson cardboard

Sink into the grooves of Cardboard, a brand new tune from Sydney band Yon Yonson. It’s the first slice from their Fermented Fruit EP, a record we can’t wait to hear.

Vocalist Andrew Kuo’s verses hit hard as ever, touching on self-image and social anxiety with a perfectly relatable candour. Instrumentally the track is lovely; a concoction of synths and beats which never kicks it to 11, resisting a crescendo in favour of something far sweeter.

Listen to Cardboard  below.

“This was kinda our take on a classic crooner track”, the band shared, “but rather than being a smooth, earnest love song it’s about being a piece of shit and hating parties.”

Yon Yonson’s last big release was Yes No Sorry, an album they dropped in February 2017Fermented Fruit will hit shelves on September 7th – so keep an ear out.