PREMIERE: Take yourself back to the glory days of 90s shoegaze with Vincey’s Everything Was Singing… Everything

Take yourself back to the glory days. It’s the early 90s. You were somewhere in the production line of an academic institution. Your days, consisting of being a lad in training, catching them all and bartering with the canteen lady to get the poppa for $1 rolled, were one sunny blissful bout of satisfaction.

Vincey, the new music project from Vincent Giarusso – founder of seminal 90s shoegaze band undergroundLOVERS –  is set to deliver, mellow notes, guitar riffs and croons included, a debut solo album that’ll have you reliving the days where the colours had not yet dulled, meat pies were nirvana and poop, was an incredibly witty form of attack.


Vincent Giarusso, founder of seminal 90s shoegaze band undergroundLOVERS has made his own glorious comeback as Vincey, complete with a huge slice of dreamy guitar heaven called, Everything Was Singing… Everything.

From track numero uno, Where Was The Sun, the mind is set reeling and belly flopping in the pool of mems. Oh primary school and the iconic, the infallible sausage roll. You spent your time and loose shrapnel well. Oh, how the times they have a changed. We are now more than willing to fork out $5.5 for a kale infused sausage de organic along with our mocca choca latte. Alas, we can all agree that we, perhaps, have gone a little soft.

Yet, it is good to remember when a dollar scored you enough protein to gain Susie, Debbie and Renee as your year 6 formal dates. This album does, this album brings it all up from the deep. It’s one big walk down the days that were. Be they happy, sad or a definite nod to when we peaked, Vincey sings with an openness that can only but elicit some deep thinking. For many of us this may be a reprieve, yes an actual artist that wants to weave a cardigan of the lessons from your pop, solid mates who shouldered with you the burden of growing up and frustration at bloody having to work for shelter above your beauteous head. Track by track, to different tempo, minor/ major chords and consistent, zealous guitars, we are brought along for his ride.

Everything Was Singing… Everything, is the lilting, jangling, happy kerfuffle of sound we’ve been waiting for, to take us to the way back when. Vulnerable, personal and raw, this album ebbs and flows, much in the same way that life seems to do its bloody own thing, and you thought you were holding the reins.

Stay and Wait is a track that pulls punches without the melodrama. It’s controlled, drums tight and light, electric guitars just floating above as Vincey expresses the process of coming to grips with crap that isn’t easy without straying into farce. It’s real, confused and respecting. This album is dedicated to a mate that passed away, with proceeds going to the Snowdome Foundation (for kids with leukaemia). It works through the shit we don’t know how to tackle by taking a 10 track walk around the park to let the mind go where it needs to go.

Vincey, the indubitable diplomat has squeezed just a lil’ bit of every genre on Everything Was Singing…. Everything. As Vincey sings through, he pretty keen for us to understand something about him and the jumbled journey that is this life thing, but it’s also about just being wherever and letting your mind wander. Get your dunlops, grab the slothful pooch and just hit the pavement. This is a wandering album, get a ponderin’ and movin’ to it.