PREMIERE: Tear Council rides the waves of heartbreak in My Car

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Young love sure burns bright, but more often will burn out and sometimes what you’re left with is the sorry realisation that maybe things just weren’t to be. Such is the case within the narrative of My Car, the new track from Tear Council.

Tear Council

Tear Council aren’t about to pull any punches with their second single My Car, a lavishly produced song that pangs with the hard lessons of heartbreak.

For the uninitiated, Tear Council is the solo project of Matt Van Schie whose work with Van She and Du Tonc on its own is an impressive resume. Once again he’s teamed up with old collaborator Michael Di Francesco AKA Touch Sensitive. Matt has been working under the Tear Council moniker for a couple of years now, releasing his banger of a tune Anywhere earlier this year as well as releasing a gorgeously 80s-esque mixtape with Di Francesco Mixtape For The Heart the other week.

Their new single My Car continues to see the duo building on their strengths. It’s thematically complex yet lyrically simple, whilst the production behind the track is lush as hell. The setting of a car is such an important one for young love. No, not that. Get your minds of the gutter. For many young people their first car is that gateway to freedom and independence. There’s nothing more impressive than picking up your beloved in your run down Corolla. It’s a symbol for this new stage of life, one that is filled with promise. So when the lyrics “And now don’t you leave my car” echo across the chorus there is an imminent sense of heartbreak. It’s a clever lyric, one that evokes a sense of powerlessness in the face of a broken heart.

The production on My Car is impeccably slick, the emotions of the song are lavishly brought to life with every synth and drum. The coolness of the track mixes well with the intimate vocals which sits so comfortably in the mix it may as well be another instrument. Speaking on the the process of putting the track together the boys said “We love the sound of the CMI Fairlight and one of our favourite records is The Reels‘ Beautiful so we used those sounds and an Oberheim DMX to make it. Originally it sounded pretty authentic but then we put it into a contemporary context with compression and some other bits and pieces”.

Tear Council will be playing their first live show as a part of the Personal Best Records showcase on June 4 for Vivid Sydney, so be sure to get down and check it out!

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