PREMIERE: The bloody imagery in The Shapeless Night by Moxie will be stuck in your head for days

There’s a lot to be said for moody, instrumental music. It’s certainly not winning the hearts and minds of younglings discovering new music outside of what their parents like. It’s a niche, the kind of music you need to stumble across late at night whilst scouring Bandcamp for the latest weird sounds to whet your palette. It’s the kind of music that has to work twice as hard to grab the unsuspecting listener by the throat and then keep their attention. No catchy lyrics about getting high, scoring chicks or joining the Navy, it’s all about the music. Of course quality visuals go a long way too, and local muso Moxie is on top of his game with the clip for The Shapeless Night.

Moxie The Shapeless Night

Stark, brooding and a tad creepy, Moxie’s video for The Shapeless Night is a bloody slow burn. Good luck trying to get this image out of your head.

Moxie, otherwise known as Evan Kitchener has been playing around brooding soundscapes for a few years now, first under the moniker of DJ Jib as well as playing in the band Earnest Ivory. He also works as a composer for film and TV, a talent put to good use for The Shapeless Night‘s video. The music is despondent and gloomy, the kind of score you’d expect in a film starring a character in anguish. The different synths at work heave upon each other to build up the sense of melodrama which the video mirrors nicely.

The clip is a fairly simple affair as we are treated to a continuous slow-motion shot of Kitchener’s face as blood runs up his face. As he opens his eyes we are treated to a piercing blue glare, like staring into the undead eyes of a White Walker. While there may not be a lot happening on screen the heightened sense of drama is the winning factor here. The music really lends itself to a cinematic treatment, the slowly unfolding scene keeping time with the creeping synths and pianos to deliver a vivid finish.

The Shapeless Night is the first single off Moxie’s new album Ragnarok which you can find now during your late night Bandcamp perusing.