PREMIERE: The Last Exposure unveil pro-equality swan song The Boys

PREMIERE: The Last Exposure want you to love yourself, and their new clip The Boys is wholesome proof

The Last Exposure have never held back when it comes to saying what they think, or standing up about it. As warm activists for love, kinship and acceptance for all, there couldn’t possibly be a better day for this Penrith based four piece to release their new clip.

Only hours since we heard Australia had voted a big old ‘YES’ in the marriage equality plebiscite, The Last Exposure have revealed the official clip for their tune The Boys, a shoutout to anyone who’s ever felt like they couldn’t be themselves at a music venue.

A collection of footage from their recent tour around said single, it’s the perfect clip to ride your high on today.

the last exposure the boys

The Last Exposure have released their video for The Boys, a resounding and powerful anthem for love, acceptance and equality within the music industry.

Rock music has a long history of influencing public ideals, because sometimes you’ve just gotta have something blared in your face through an amp stack to actually hear it. This is where The Boys shines; both as an all-inclusive message and a righteous tune in its own right.

The clip shows The Last Exposure on their September tour, where they hit venues in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra and Melbourne. Operating under the self-professed principal that “if a venue ain’t draped in rainbow, it ain’t worth playin”, they performed to naught but adoring fans wherever they landed.

All smiles (well, despite a few hangovers), you can just tell these shows were a joy to be at. Funnily enough, that tends to happen if you embrace acceptance in your music!

While their tour around The Boys is over, you’ve still got one more chance to catch The Last Exposure before the year is through. They’ll be joining Moaning Lisa, Major Leagues, FROYO and more at Sad Grrls Fest 2017, Australia’s largest music festival dedicated to promoting gender diversity.

It’s on this Saturday, November 18th. Head over to the Facebook event for all the deets.