With raw energy and powerful lyricism, the latest from Faux Bandit has us more than impressed

Brisbane just keeps on delivering. The latest single from Faux Bandit is loud, wild and really well articulated. A bolshy delivery and with lyrical precision to match, Every Man Is a Pyramid Scheme hits you in all the right places.

Faux Bandit

Faux Bandit are a duo whose sound is so big it’s incredibly hard to believe that they’re only a two piece. Drums, guitar and some seriously on point production sure goes a long way.

Opening with convincing drums and a seriously confident guitar riff, the boys waste no time in getting straight to it, a mark of what I hope will translate to a banging live performance. With distinct builds and well articulated lulls, Every Man Is  Pyramid Scheme translates its political and and powerful message into an absolutely killer rock track.

The drums on this one really stand out for me, with a two piece it seems almost imperative that the track be absolutely soaked in an aggressive and in-your-face beat, and Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme absolutely nails it. I would put them in the same column as Polish Club when it comes to packing a punch with everything that they have.

Overall this is a great single, it showcases the duo’s ability to deliver powerful and gripping instrumentation with clear and engaging lyricism. Energetic and filled with a well crafted blend of attitude and cheeky fun, Faux Bandit are setting themselves apart with their unique band dynamic.


They’ve got a joint single launch coming up in their home town, which is a seriously cool way to drop new music. Joining forces with Strangely Enough, Elko Fields and Vesper Green, they’re taking the stage on November 24th at the Flamin Galah. If you’re in Brisbane and ready for a night of debauchery and raucous dance floor antics then the Faux Bandits single launch is for you, best of all it’s only $15.

They’ve also got a show coming up at Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar on November 30. Peek all the deets below.

Nov 24 – The Flamin’ Galah – Details
Nov 30 – Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar – Details