PREMIERE: Embark on a twisted journey through the woods with Pikachunes’ new clip Friends and Family

Deception, betrayal and imagination. Pikachunes are rotating all three elements in a gripping storyline for their brand new clip Friends and Family.

Produced by Lugufi and directed by Kate Tartsus and Amy Sutton, the Friends and Family clip sends out a strong message of how easily we can be deceived by someone we love and how our subconscious can often reveal our deepest, darkest thoughts.

The clip begins with a couple driving, the girl (Catherine Morvell) and a boy (Alexander Gavioli) delving into darkened woodlands. After dancing deeper into the forest and looking more starry eyed by the minute, night falls and they arrive at a pitched tent.

The girl leads the boy inside, where they begin to play a very dangerous game.

friends and family lugufi pikachunes

Don’t try this at home. A young couple face the failings of a treacherous game in Friends and Family, the new clip from Pikachunes created by Lugufi.

Resonating with the lyrics, the girl’s lips turn blue before she slowly regains consciousness. The song progresses, building up to an imminent climax while the boy fails to reawaken. Was this our mystery girl’s intention?

Right as you might be questioning her motives, the song breaks into its bridge and the lyrics “She was in love with another man” ring out like a siren bell. Dragging the boy’s unconscious body out of the tent, the girl begins to dig his grave. 

Suddenly the eyes of the boy’s lifeless body flicker open. Realising what the girl has done, he begins to chase her through the woods. After a haze of flashbacks and pink smoke, the girl abruptly wakes up. Looking around, she realises it was all a dream. 

pikachunes friends and family video clip new zealand lugufi

Friends and Family is a portrayal of how we can be our own worst enemy, and how dreams can reflect our deepest desires. Nobody decides what they dream, and those thoughts can poison a person from the inside out.

The betrayal and heartbreak spun by Pikachunes intertwines with Lugufi’s storyline perfectly, both reaching a feverish peak as the other plateaus, finding a yin and yang between the two mediums. 

With a similar sound to The Presets and uncomplicated, earworm lyrics, Friends and Family is a killer dance track layered with emotion. A lack of lyrical complexity makes room for easy listening, all whilst painting a mental picture of chaotically unfolding heartbreak.