After taking on hip-hop and R&B, Marvel are primed to save the world of rock ‘n’ roll album covers

Marvel are well known for everything and anything to do with comic books, superheroes, villains and pretty much just saving the world from evil. 

In 2015 the comic makers became known for another thing, which involved iconic album covers from artists such as Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Kanye West and a stack of others. Marvel turned these hip-hop and R&B album covers into a series of artworks based on comic book variants, with awesome results.


Marvel are turning over a new musical leaf, with the exciting announcement of their rock album variant cover series, due to be released in September.

This time they’re taking on rock ‘n’ roll album covers. From what we’re seeing today, this series will be just as fresh as the last.

Some of the album covers we can expect to see transformed into comics books include Nirvana, The Clash, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Blondie for albums NevermindLondon Calling, Appetite for Destruction, and Parallel Lines

Here’s a sneak peak. 

Via Pitchfork