Feast your eyes upon this Blade Runner comic adaptation, Marvel’s long lost issue from 1982

Here’s something I wish I heard about earlier: back in 1982, about half a year after the original Blade Runner hit cinemas, none other than the now-worldwide Marvel Comics ran an official adaptation of the film. And it is good.

What makes this particularly interesting is the reception Blade Runner originally copped. Critics slammed the film for being too slow, too complicated and everything in between. Oh, how things have changed.

Before you suss out the sequel, check out the Blade Runner comic adaptation Marvel released in 1982, lost in time to all but the dearest collectors.

Since 1982 Blade Runner has reached such a high cult status that we’re being graced by a feature sequel later this year. Starring Ryan Gosling and seeing Harrison Ford return to the role of Rick Deckard, hopefully it answers a few of the questions the world has been asking for 35 years.

Marvel’s adaptation mixes quotes and imagery from the original film along with their own touch, adding a depth to some of the characters you wouldn’t have seen before. They even close the release by sharing their take on why the Blade Runners were given their name, which the film never cleared up.

“Blade Runner. You’re always movin’ on the edge.”

Great call on Marvel’s part, realising the brilliance of Blade Runner before the world did. Although it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as the creative alignment between Ridley Scott and Stan Lee has been documented before.

Check out the whole issue below.

Via Dangerous Minds.