Hear the original ‘Alien’ soundtrack rescored as an ’80s synth odyssey

What would Alien sound like, reimagined as a glorious ’80s synth fest? Someone has posted a righteous rescore on a remote corner of Reddit and we likey.

Sometimes a remix, re-edit or re-dub of old media can give it a whole new life. Of course, it can be a daunting task to take on something so iconic for risk of failure, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped a synth-inclined redditor from taking on Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Reimagining the original 1979 score by Jerry Goldsmith, u/the_neverending_cory recently shared his version on the synthesiser subreddit. And it’s hot.

alien soundtrack ridley scott sigourney weaver soundtrack

Writing that they “rescored the original Alien to an all synth ’80s score”, there’s definitely some Stranger Things creeping in. It sounds hauntingly analogue throughout, a far cry from the icy ambient score that complimented the original version but just as effective.

Check out a trailer below, and watch the full version for yourself here.