Listen to this dark reimagining of the Super Metroid title soundtrack recorded on hardware synths

We’re huge fans of when musicians take classic video game soundtracks and re-work them in a modern context. There a certain nostalgia that lies within these pieces of music, such as those created by Koji Kondo for Nintendo, who composed the music for the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario series’ amongst countless others.

Kenji Yamamoto is another notable Nintendo composer who you might know as the man behind the music for the entire Metroid series. The Super Metroid soundtrack in particular is one of his most memorable – all dark and brooding. It’s also the subject of a new series of reimaginings by composer and sound designer based in London called Luminist, who recreates old game soundtracks on hardware synths.

Super Metroid

Listen to this epic dark reimagining of the Super Metroid theme music recorded entirely on hardware synths.

“Super Metroid has one of the best soundtracks of any videogame out there, so I decided it would be cool to recreate it in high fidelity using hardware synthesizers. Think of this as a sequel to the one I recreated last year. It’s been a fun project and I hope you enjoy it!”

They also went on to say that the initial intention of the project was to recreate the whole soundtrack and license it to be sold, however, Nintendo blocked the request at the last minute:

“When I started this project it was with the aim to license it legitimately with Nintendo to sell the album on Bandcamp and other similar sites. Unfortunately at the last minute they blocked my licensing request, which means I’m not allowed to sell it.

“Unfortunate for me, because this project has taken literally hundreds of hours, but it’s a plus for you because now you can get it for free!”

That we can.

Although it looks like Luminist will be unable to release the entire Super Metroid soundtrack, last year they reworked the original Metroid soundtrack in full, which you cam buy here.

Also check out their original music here.