Production music is bigger than it has ever been, cracking $1 billion in revenue last year

Production music has always been a relatively silent giant. By it’s very nature, it was always meant to occur in the background, enhancing the media it complements.

Music composed and performed for film, advertising and anywhere in between has cracked a huge milestone in 2017, according to a study from the US-based Production Music Association. As of this year, it’s officially a billion dollar industry.

production music hans zimmer moog modular synthesiser
A young Hans Zimmer with one hell of a modular Moog rig

Production music has hit the big time, without most of the world even noticing. Cracking the billion dollar mark in 2017, we’re excited for what’s to come.

Everyone from supercomposer/absolute fucking rockstar Hans Zimmer down to the jingle-slinging commercial advertising songwriter can be thanked for this one. Pat yourselves on the back!

A billion dollarydoos is a shitload of money, to put things into perspective it’s roughly triple the size of Australia’s entire music industry. Unsurprisingly, American production studios occupy the vast majority of the profits, raking in $500 million of the annual revenue alone.

Via Variety.