Push your radio skills to management levels with this stay-at-home course
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Push your radio skills to management levels with this stay-at-home course

Downtime can be detrimental, or it can be useful. A temptation to watch The Office for seven hours each day certainly rears its head, but on the other hand, many creatives are finding positive ways to further their skills while in COVID-19 lockdown.

Radio is another sector that’s been hit hard by the new world order, with many stations trimming their programming due to cuts in advertising intake, distancing regulations, or any number of other not-so-convenient pandemic fallouts. If you’ve found yourself with more time at home and less time at your station, it’s the perfect opportunity to skill up – not to mention provide some much-needed structure.

Radio Content, Management, and Leadership
Photo: Dani Hansen

There’s never been a better time to up your radio skills and future-proof your career. A new course from AFTRS is aimed at just that.

An Industry Certificate from the Australian Film, Radio, and Television School (AFTRS) named Radio Content, Management, and Leadership no doubt comes at a fitting time. It’s a course designed for experienced radio professionals looking to further their skills and career options by outlining the specifics of management plus higher end content creation and curation.

The certificate has also been built as an online course, meaning it’s completable from within the walls of your new isolation castle. To participate you’ll need a computer with access to the internet as the course will involve live Zoom video calls.

Radio Content, Management, and Leadership is tutored by Barry Keohane, a radio professional with 20 years experience and a variety of senior roles to his name. Currently he works as Content Director for Mix 102.3 and Cruise 1323 Adelaide, and his previous postings include a 3.5 year stint as Content Director for ABC Radio Adelaide.

The course begins on April 27th, with payment plans and industry discounts available. Some of the skills you’ll walk away with include:

  • Apply leadership and management skills in developing talent, leading teams and creating positive workplace environments
  • Explain the principles of content design and programming
  • Design content and programming strategies from inception to completion

Radio Content, Management, and Leadership

27 Apr 2020 to 18 Oct 2020
24 weeks, online with 2 day conference at AFTRS, Dates TBC

Enrol or register your interest here.