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Radio professional? Take your talents to the next level with this Industry Certificate

Radio is a tough game, to say the least. Getting experience in community radio is no doubt a great place to start, but once you’ve garnered a bit of know-how it can be difficult to step into more dynamic or leadership roles.

The Radio Content, Management and Leadership Industry Certificate from the Australian Film, Television, and Radio School (AFTRS) is aimed at radio professionals in that very stage. Want to step into management, content creation, or programming? This is for you.

AFTRS Radio Content, Management and Leadership Industry Certificate
Photo: Dani Hansen

Take your radio career to the upper realms with the Radio Content, Management and Leadership Industry Certificate from AFTRS.

This course in particular is helmed by Barry Keohane as tutor, a pro with over 20 years radio experience. After getting his start – as many do – in community radio, Keohane has gone on to become an expert in areas across the discipline, including idea generation, content creation and curation, talent coaching, revenue strategies, and more. Today he works as a Content Director for Mix 102.3 and Cruise 1323 Adelaide.

The Industry Certificate is almost exclusively an online course, taking place over 24 weeks with a recommended 10 hours per week of study. You can those on however you like – smash it out in a single day or, if you’re stacked with other commitments, take an hour whenever you can find one. There will be online lectures and sessions, but students are welcome to catch up on any they miss at their leisure.

The course also includes a two-day conference at the AFTRS Sydney campus which industry leaders from all over Australia attend. A few key skills you’ll walk away with are:

  • Apply leadership and management skills in developing talent, leading teams and creating positive workplace environments
  • Explain the principles of content design and programming
  • Design content and programming strategies from inception to completion

Check out the finer details of this Industry Certificate below, and head here for more information.

Radio Content, Management and Leadership

27 April – 18 October
Conference: May 1 – 2