Remember the name Max Prentis, he’s one of the best visual artists in the business

You may have noticed that we have a little thing for illustrating bands. One of our favourite artists we’ve worked with over the last year is Sydney based visual artist and illustrator Max Prentis.

Max Prentis lurch and chief

Lurch and Chief by Max Prentis

We first met up with Prentis back in April this year when he lent his talents to a gorgeously sleek portrait of Melburnian six-piece Lurch and Chief. Prentis’ style is unique in the way he can apply his style to a variety of tones. His body of work is one that varies from playful to aggressive, and realistic to fantastical. There’s a strong ‘used future’ character to his work, which suits his clean and quirky designs.

Whether he’s drawing best buds Finn and Jake from Adventure Time or his own whimsical musings of society and the future, it’s a sense of adventure that makes his work come alive. Which made it a no brainer when it came to collaborating with an artist on our 5 sets of wheels for 5 artists piece.

Max Prentis Happy Mag

The Babe Rainbow by Max Prentis

If you’re digging Max Prentis’ style we recommend you head over to his Tumblr for more of his vibes. If you haven’t already, subscribe to Happy Mag to receive postcards of his 5 wheels illustrations in addition to some sweet words about music. He’s also working on a very special sixth illustration as a limited edition screen print for that series, but we’ll tell you more about that later.