#RepublicOfAmrap: essential Aussie music nonprofit Amrap needs your help

The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) is an initiative with a singular purpose; to promote the airplay of Australian music on community radio stations. Simply put, it’s an essential cog in the Australian music industry.

In light of a proposed restructure under the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA), Amrap have engaged in peaceful protest to to “ensure a fair future for Amrap, Australian artists and community radio broadcasters who support Aussie music.” 

republic of amrap

Lover of Aussie music and community radio? Then you’ll know how important it is for Amrap to keep operating on their own means.

In the past few days, ‘The Republic of Amrap’ has been established, broadcasting from an undisclosed location in order to peacefully operate outside of the CBAA’s management.

“We’re calling on the Community Broadcasting Foundation to cancel the CBAA’s management of Amrap, place Amrap into caretaker mode, and identify a new management structure that includes community radio, and music sector representatives.”

“Ours is a common-sense solution to a very real and immediate problem.”

Watch the video below, featuring director Chris Johnson and other members of Amrap, to better understand the situation. Furthermore, you can send in your own letter of support here.

Via Airit.