‘Returnal’ update 2.0 has added players’ most requested feature

Returnal’s latest update answers our prayers and brings us the “highly requested” Suspended Cycle feature and a Photo Mode.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Harry Krueger of Housemarque announced the latest update for the roguelike, third-person shooter Returnal. Citing a “fantastic reception”, Housemarque appears to be genuinely taking on community feedback, given the content included in this update.

The update includes both a Suspend Cycle function and a Photo Mode, both of which were “highly requested”, as Kreuger mentions in the post. And just to reassure you all now, the Suspend Cycle function isn’t like a normal Save Game. Phew.

returnal red
Image: Returnal / Housemarque

After “listening to all [our] feedback”, Returnal has finally gifted its players the ability to save their cycle between sessions. With this function, you’ll be able to “turn off your console without losing your progress”, but where it differs from traditional ‘Save Game’ functions is how temporary suspending your cycle is.

“Once you resume playing the suspend point is deleted”, meaning you won’t be able to jump backwards in your cycle and replay certain areas. Instead, you’ll only be given a “single use suspend point” and your progress from then on will become the next suspend point.

But of course, the Suspend Cycle feature has some limitations. Boss battles (hopefully you’re well past Phrike at this point), cinematics, first-person sequences, and intense combat won’t be capable of being suspended. Housemarque feels that “certain moments…[are] best experienced unfragmented” and we can’t help but agree.

The decision to keep the “roguelike spirit and ‘high stakes’ commitment” of Returnal is one you can only praise. It doesn’t detract from the game itself, but it does finally answer the woes of many who frustratingly lost their progress time and time again.

On top of the Suspend Cycle function is, of course, the Photo Mode. That has its limits too, with first-person sequences being the apparent exception to its use. Otherwise, you can pause the game “at any point” and enter this new mode.

You’re given control of the camera’s position, as well as a slew of optional settings to enhance your pictures. Focal distance, aperture, saturation, contrast, lighting, filters, and more are included in this mode, giving aspiring game photographers a great chance to show of their skills.


Returnal is available on PS5 now.