We caught up with Reuben Stone to chat his new single and his always-evolving live show

If you’re not already across the textured and infectious sounds of Melbourne based singer-songwriter Reuben Stone, you definitely should be. For the past number of years, Stone has spent his time developing a sound unlike anything else currently making the rounds.

So before he hits up Manly’s Hotel Steyne for a performance tonight, we caught up with the artist himself to chat his new single, influences, and his always-evolving live show.

Before he performs tonight at Manly’s Hotel Steyne, we caught up with Melbourne based artist Reuben Stone to chat about his new single Now Everyone Knows.

HAPPY: Hey man, how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

REUBEN: I have been touring since February this year through the USA, Canada, UK and Europe. A lot of street shows, festivals and massive theatre shows with Tash. This weekend is my last run of shows before  I take some time off to record my debut album.

HAPPY: We’re really vibing on Now Everyone Knows… could you tell us a bit about the new track?

REUBEN: This track came about from a recording session I did in Melbourne before I went overseas in February. It draws more rock influence than anything I have released in the last 10 years with hints of electronica. I wrote it in the studio and finished it with Sam Swain via email from Europe. It’s worked a treat.

HAPPY: How are you feeling about the single now that it’s been out for a while?

REUBEN: The single is much edgier than previous releases. I was a bit bored with the sound I was making so decided to throw something out there a bit left of centre.

HAPPY: We’re picking up a few different sounds in your music… are there any particular artists that you cite as being a big inspiration?

REUBEN: I think Now Everyone Knows has hints of The Killers and Elvis. Slightly punk with the Sex Pistols, and flavours of electronic dance music.

HAPPY: You used to play in a metal band, right? Do you think your time playing in that band still influences your music in any way?

REUBEN: Sometimes times the heavier semblance’s shine through, but not that much these days.

HAPPY: At what point did you settle on the genre of music you play today? Because it feels like it’s been quite a journey for you…

REUBEN: I really just compiled all the styles I grew up with and make a sound out of that. It grew out of me on the street in Melbourne and morphed into something much bigger when it hit the big stages.

HAPPY: We can’t wait to catch you live at Henrys Rooftop in Manly… could you walk us through what your live show looks like?

REUBEN: My live show would compare to a madman in a clown suit, tripping on drugs on a stage.

HAPPY: Any other exciting plans in the works beyond this tour?

REUBEN: Excited about making a new record.

HAPPY: Can we expect any new music any time soon?

REUBEN: One more single might drop before the year is out!


Catch Reuben Stone live tonight at The Hotel Steyne in Manly. More info here.