Ride the future soul wave spurting forth from The Do Yo Thangs

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To swim in sound is to be truly connected, to happily drown in the now and, for an artist, this is a hard beauty to supply to the masses. For some, however, a simple, four minute foray can mean a lifetime of smiles and sweet escape for listeners.

For artists like fresh Melbourne crew, The Do Yo Thangs a goldmine of sonic happiness is unearthed in their smooth flow and divine harmony.

The Do Yo Thangs

Melbourne future soul collective The Do Yo Thangs are spurting out luminous rays of sensual R&B tinged pop that is inescapably delicious. Ride the wave, friends.

The band’s new single, One Plus One means everything to those of us who care to delve in. With an accompanying video to warm even the harshest of winters, there’s no doubt a special event takes place every time the track is spun.

In the throws of anxiety and bellowing insecurity winds, the cosiest shelter is a track such as this. In the opening bars, we’re introduced to the minimal, tasteful groove, woven like fine silk between gentle, intermittent guitars. There’s an undoubted influence of trailblazers, Hiatus Kaiyote spritzed upon the shining veneer of the group’s originality, allowing a familiarity that’s enough to smile in agreement but subtle to a luscious tee.

Vocals in harmony dance between each other like a room of candles, each lighting their own area in the piece but being made stronger through their hypnotic unity. Barren of superficiality, the piece is able to breathe hints without giving away its secrets.

The future soul movement sweeping Australia is delivering mastery like this consistently, and it’s the best place to be for those of us looking for a new wave to ride on.

The accompanying video cannot go unmentioned, however. The sheer humanity and unwavering beauty of simplicity is connected to the song as if they were born from the same rainbow-tinged skull. A Hawaiian shirted man dances with the glee of someone so happily careless, it rubs off effortlessly on its watchers. Even in the dim sundown of an industrial grey, the protagonist spills waves of joyful colour in the same way as the song itself.

The combination becomes akin to floating in a soft surf in lazy summer evenings. The drying salt in your eyebrow cracking as you squint into the setting sun, realising how much bullshit you just forgot about while swimming around. The Do Yo Things, lest they fool you in their name, are as emotionally giving as they are musically gifted and, for that we thank them.

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