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‘Roland Articles’: the audacious new project from the gear giant

Iconic Japanese music equipment manufacturer Roland has launched an ambitious new online platform dubbed Roland Articles. Its purpose is to use “inspiring stories and knowledge to help spark your creativity”, providing a wide range of music-related content.

The scope of Roland Articles is extensive, with articles divided into two broad sections labelled ‘Stories’ or ‘Learn.’ ‘Stories’ is the journalistic branch of the platform. It includes feature articles on upcoming artists, pieces about music scenes, and interviews with musicians, while ‘Learn’ offers up tips and tricks on the company’s gear. Roland Articles. Online Publication.

A manufacturer like Roland has some tales to tell. Therefore, they’ve created Roland Articles, combining learning with compelling storytelling.

The quality of ‘Stories’ content is impressively high due to Roland Articles recruiting heavyweight music journalists such as Evan Shamoon (Rolling Stone, Wired) and Ari Rosenschein (Noisey, Observer) as key contributors. Many of the articles are in-depth, delving into the backstories of artists and unpacking their creative processes. ‘Stories’ is for anyone craving a deeper examination of music.

‘Learn’ is the educational component of Roland Articles, supplying an abundance of learning material for musicians and producers. The material varies from beginner drummer tutorials to advanced sampling tips, meaning there is useful information for musicians at all skill levels.

Owners of Roland equipment will benefit most from ‘Learn’ since there is a plethora of advice on Rolands’ gear. This includes expert advice on Roland classics such as the TR-808 Drum Machine and Roland Juno Jupiter-8, breathing new life into old favourites. 

Roland Articles is difficult to define and at times feels like multiple, unrelated projects compiled into one. It’s simultaneously a compelling online music publication and a useful learning tool. Check it out for yourself here.