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‘Distant Dancefloors’: a view into the electronic music scene during COVID-19

Pioneer DJ has just released Distant Dancefloors, a documentary investigating the impacts of COVID-19 on clubbing culture and the global electronic music scene.

Pioneer DJ presents a 360° view into the economical, social and psychological impact of COVID-19 on electronic music at a global level.

Distant Dancefloors, a new documentary from Pioneer DJ explores first-hand experiences of the COVID-19 crisis on the electronic music industry.

Overnight, live shows across the world were placed on hold. Venues were forced to close immediately and festivals were cancelled indefinitely. Distant Dancefloors explores the impact of COVID-19 from an artists’ perspective, whose lives were plunged into instability.

The documentary starts at the beginning of the virus and covers the first warnings, global realisation, the resulting lockdown, and into the future possibilities of streaming gigs, socially distant parties and the instability of touring.

Interviewed are DJs such as Blond:ish, Eats Everything, Honey Dijon, Luciano, Rebuke, and others as they reflect on the past six months.

Through integrating personal experiences, the documentary gives us an inside look into how the electronic music industry adapted to COVID-19 and has started to recover. Ultimately, Distant Dancefloors looks towards to future, questioning the communities clubs create, and looking to how they will be changed post-COVID-19.

You can watch the documentary in full below.