Rory Jame$ details his growth on jazzy hip-hop singles ‘Imma Do It’ and ‘Head Up’

Rory Jame$ has shed light on his duality with the release of his latest double-single, Imma Do It and Head Up

The former track details the Victorian musician’s active and braggadocious stance on topics like reliability and conformity, while Head Up (produced by Prod.Gaz) uncovers the more rational, level-headed thought process behind Jame$’ actions. 

Sitting comfortably in the hip-hop space, Imma Do It opens with jazzy piano keys and the subtle fuzz of vintage treble, as Jame$ raps nonchalantly of “turning stresses into blessings.”

Rory Jame$ singles 'Imma Do It' / 'Head Up'

There’s a blissful simplicity to the production here, seemingly pulled from a speakeasy and punctuated only by sporadic, off-tempo trap beats. 

Invoking the likes of Loyle Carner, Jame$ pairs the slow-jazz groove with incisive and acrobatic bars, bringing a modern twist to the kind of tune you’d imagine blaring from a retro vinyl.

Jame$’ cadence proves to be a mesmeric throughline on Imma Do It, remaining smooth in both its elastic swagger around the beat and in the deep richness of his timbre. 

Rory Jame$ singles 'Imma Do It' / 'Head Up'

Like any great hip-hop artist, there’s ample room for Jame$’ infectious bravado, which sees him deliver boastful verses about “rais[ing] the bar” and “steppin’ on the record [to] wreck it.”

This confidence is what carries the themes of Imma Do It, which focuses on Jame$ taking action and making moves within his life; a message around being able to walk the walk. 

While Imma Do It details this more propulsive and reactive side of Jame$, Head Up uncovers the thoughtful intentions behind his manoeuvres.

Rory Jame$ singles 'Imma Do It' / 'Head Up'

Rounding out the left brain-right brain dichotomy of the double-single, Head Up continues the jazzy tunes with the assist of subtle bass guitar and more uplifting piano keys. 

If Imma Do It packs a punchy message about Jame$’ ruthless pursuit of his dreams, then Head Up is the reflections he has once he gets there.

“Take your breath and ease ya’ mind,” he raps with a newfound sense of clarity, “put your ego to the side.” A free-flowing ode to growth and trusting the process, Head Up showcases Jame$’ versatility both with his pen, and within his own psyche. 

“I released these songs together because I think each joint completes each other,” Jame$ explained in a press statement. “[Imma Do It] is the more braggadocious side whereas Head Up is like my rationality and reasoning.”

The double-single follows wya and King Charles as the third release by Jame$ this year — and by the sounds of it, the Torquay musician is just getting started. 

Listen to Roy Jame$’ double-single Imma Do It and Head Up (Prod. Gaz) below.