Catching Z’s has an insatiable crush on new single ‘Ur Place’

Catching Z’s can’t escape a romantic crush on Ur Place, a shimmering indie-rock gem that serves as the musician’s sophomore single. 

Carried by the rustic jangle of fuzz rock guitar, the track immediately establishes a sun-drenched feel seemingly purpose-built for an afternoon bike ride.

The warmth of these strums is what defines Ur Place, which feels both melancholic and optimistic, like the bittersweet aftertaste of a bygone memory.  

Catching Z's single 'Ur Place'

Of course, relying purely on instrumentals can only get you so far, and while all the staples of wistful indie rock are there — from driving rhythms to melodic guitar — Ur Place stands out largely because of Catching Z’s vocals.

Flitting effortlessly from a warm husk to ascendant harmonies, the singer’s delivery feels intimate and raw, to the point where you feel as though you’re right there in the booth.  

Rightfully confident in these vocals, Catching Z’s spotlights the performance with layered backing harmonies, which add further texture to the notes while contributing to Ur Place’s carefree sound.

Catching Z's single 'Ur Place'

It’s within Catching Z’s performance that the pop stylings of Ur Place shine the brightest, as the musician possesses a clear knack for earwormy vocal riffs and catchy refrains. 

To weave this tapestry of indie rock and acoustic pop is one thing, by Catching Z’s deepens the single with heartfelt lyricism.

Singing tenderly of an inescapable crush, the musician recalls a head-over-heels infatuation with optimism and a sense of love drunkenness. “What I’d give to hear you say,” he pines on the infectious hook, “that I feel something for you.” 


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Later, Catching Z’s incorporates a psychedelic feel on the bridge, with jittery synth sections making way for the anthemic sing-along chorus.

With a brisk runtime that makes it endlessly replayable, Ur Place feels like an exercise in leisurely simplicity, hitting exactly all the marks it needs to without feeling flashy or overstaying its welcome. 

You might expect such praise for an artist with years of experience in the scene, but Ur Place is especially impressive given that it marks Catching Z’s’ second-ever single.

The Perth-based musician released the debut track, Wanna go round? in September, deservedly amassing tens of thousands of streams in the meantime. 

With the sheer joyride that is Ur Place as evidence, it’s clear Catching Z’s is just getting started. Listen to Catching Z’s’ new single Ur Place below.